Weather forecast for the Voie de Vézelay (Nevers) in May

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3.1 mm/day

In May, the weather in Vézelay may be mixed. You might see some rain and clouds but also some sun. The temperature can be up to 15°C during the day and go down to around 7°C at night. As you travel to Anthien, Saint-Révérien, and Prémery, expect similar weather, but it might get a bit warmer, up to 17°C.

In the second week, when you're in Nevers and Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier, you may see similar weather but it may be more often sunny. The day temperatures can get up to 18°C.

When you reach Lurcy-Lévis and Ainay-le-Château, expect a similar temperature and a mix of sun, clouds, and occasional rain.

In the third and fourth week, in places like La Châtre and Neuvy-Saint-Sépulchre, you might see more rain and clouds. The temperature could be between 16-18°C during the day and 8-9°C at night.

As you continue through Gargilesse-Dampierre and other cities, it might get a bit cooler, 14-16°C during the day. You might still see some rain.

Towards Limoges and Les Cars, the temperature might rise to 17-18°C, and it may still rain but also be sunny sometimes.

The last part of the route can be warmer, with temperatures up to 22°C. Expect some rain and sun.

Finally, in Bergerac, Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, Ostabat, it could get up to 20 to 24°C, and there might be less rain and more sun. But you should still be ready for some rain. Throughout your trip, there will be a mix of weather including sun, clouds, and rain.

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